A new series of online masterclasses has been announced, with the first photographer to be featured, the acclaimed Joel Meyerowitz.

Each online masterclass will consist of 5 hours, broken down into around 30 short lessons which are designed to be easy-to-follow. Students can learn at their own pace in their own time, by following some of the greatest names in photography.

The classes have been filmed in such a way so as to feel like students are with the photographers featured. Chris Ryan, the founder of Masters of Photography series, said “We wanted to make these masterclasses hugely engaging by using high production values, taking the Masters to locations across the world that both excited us and stimulated them. This gives students a unique view into how the Masters create their images.”

New York City, 1975. Copyright Joel Meyerowitz, Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery.

Joel Meyerowitz is featured in the first masterclass, and will be followed next by Steve McCurry, and then Albert Watson. Meyerowitz is perhaps best known for his highly-acclaimed street photography work. He is a two-time Guggenheim fellow, has published 26 books and been featured in 350 exhibitions across the world.

Finding your identity

Speaking of his masterclass, Meyerowitz said, “Once you have a camera in your hand, you have a license to see, seeing is what photography is all about. You learn about yourself, and the world you live in. So what will you get out of my class? It’s about finding your identity. Your identity as an artist, and as a human being who is interested in the world around you.”

Each masterclass is priced at $170 (which is approximately £120 at the time of writing) and gives you access to the video content, as well as workshop notes, a transcript and a synopsis from each lesson. You can also choose to take up assignments that are set in the lessons. Students can upload and share photographs with the Masters of Photography community for critique and feedback from fellow students.

For more information, and to sign up for the masterclasses, visit the Masters of Photography website.