Imaging accessory brand JOBY has launched the Spin head and Swing slider to bolster its range of content creation tools for shooting both stills and videos and has upgraded its Wavo PRO microphone range with five new mics for filmmakers, vloggers and streamers.

JOBY Spin head

The JOBY Spin (priced at £81.95) is a Bluetooth electronic head that gives users 360° motion control and can produce panoramic stills, moving timelapses and videos. Designed in partnership with Syrp Lab it can be navigated with a smartphone via the dedicated JOBY Motion app for iOS or Android. The Spin is said to be ‘compact and robust’, weighing 130g (0.3lb) with a panning payload up to 750g (1.65lb) and a tilting payload up to 500g (1.1lb). The device also comes bundled with the GripTight PRO phone mount in the Spin Phone Mount Kit (at £90.95) for easy set-up. Content creators have the option of pairing two Spin units together with the Pan Tilt Bracket (£26.95) to create dual axis timelapses, B-roll and video shots. The ability to pan and tilt simultaneously further upgrades your potential output, allowing for landscape videos and astro videography at the press of a button.

JOBY Spin head

The JOBY Spin head shown on a Gorilla grip with shooting options on-screen


JOBY Swing slider

The JOBY Swing (£118.95) is a Bluetooth electronic slider that’s said to deliver ‘silky-smooth linear motion’ and can help to produce videos and moving timelapses. This slider works with Apple and Android phones via the dedicated JOBY Motion app and weighs 290g (0.63lb) with a payload of up to 600g (1.3lb). The Swing can be paired with the BallHead 1K and GripTight ONE phone mount (available kitted in the Swing Phone Mount Kit at £136.95) and gives 38cm (15in) of travel distance. The Swing mounts via ¼”-20 on GorillaPod or RangePod supports and is also available in the Swing Complete Kit bundle (at £164.95) – this bundle contains the BallHead 1K, GripTight ONE phone mount and a GorillaPod 3K Stand.

JOBY Swing slider shoots timelapse

The JOBY Swing slider shown shooting a timelapse on a smartphone

Wavo microphone range upgrades

The new WAVO range upgrades JOBY’s existing microphone line-up that was originally introduced at the PlayList Live in the US during March 2020. The refreshed line-up of flagship audio mics is aimed at pro filmmakers, as well as on-the-go, desktop creators and streamers. The five additions to the Wavo mic line-up are the all-new flagship Wavo PRO, the WAVO Pro DS, the Wavo AIR, the Wavo POD and the Wavo Lav PRO.

Wavo PRO

The all-new Wavo PRO (£257.95) is a shotgun microphone for storytellers, filmmakers and expert creators on the go. The mic is equipped with an intelligent hybrid analogue/digital system to power onboard active noise reduction, a sound management app and an integrated second 3.5mm mic input. The Wavo PRO is designed to pair with the latest mirrorless cameras to bring ‘broadcast-calibre audio’. Its features include an active noise reduction (ANR) system that leverages ‘enhanced onboard Rycote technology to process and clear sounds made from on-the-go creation’, helping to remove self- generated structural noise. A dedicated digital sound management app for iOS and Android connects via Bluetooth to the Wavo PRO to provide creators with real-time and remote visual monitoring of sound input, independent dual-mode EQ, and customised, shareable sound set-ups.

JOBY Wavo PRO mic

The flagship JOBY Wavo PRO microphone works with mirrorless cameras for video shoots


The mid-range Wavo PRO DS (£228.95, available from 4 March 2022) is a shotgun microphone that shares most of the pro-grade components of the flagship Wavo PRO, but is designed to deliver high-quality audio with a more streamlined user experience. Its features include a plug-and-play user interface with a few key controls for audio content creation; a high-pass filter that cleans sound from unwanted low frequencies in real-time; onboard safe track for mono or dual channel recording and integrated LEDs indicate battery and audio levels.

The JOBY Wavo PRO DS mic goes on sale on 4 March 2022

The JOBY Wavo PRO DS mic goes on sale on 4 March 2022

Wavo AIR

The Wavo AIR (£214.95) is an ‘instant-pairing’ wireless microphone kit designed for creators and presenters who need freedom in front of the camera. From food vloggers to virtual fitness instructors, the Wavo AIR is said to be ‘perfect for delivering tight, broadcast-quality sound – even at a distance’. It’s designed to pair easily with a variety of custom accessories. The Wavo AIR Kit comes standard with double transmitters, two lavalier mics and cable adapters for both cameras and phones. The Wavo AIR’s features include 2.4 GHz wireless audio capture technology; hands-free audio capture with lav mics and ‘out-of-the-box’ compatibility with cameras and smartphones and cameras using TRS and TRRS cables. Long-range wireless capture lets you exit close-up shots and still record up to 50m (164ft).

The JOBY Wavo Air microphone with clip

The JOBY Wavo Air wireless microphone with clip

Wavo POD

The Wavo POD (£85.95) is JOBY’s large-diaphragm, USB condenser microphone for audio streamers. The mic is designed for podcasters or game streamers and features both cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns with 24bit/48kHz high-res sampling rates. The Wavo POD features include a zero-latency headphone monitoring 3.5mm jack along with a volume and gain knob with one-click integrated mute functionality and industry-standard USB Type-C connection for ‘seamless’, plug-and-play use with laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.

The JOBY Wavo Pod USB condenser mic is aimed at podcasters

The JOBY Wavo Pod USB condenser mic is aimed at podcasters and streamers

Wavo Lav PRO

The Wavo Lav PRO (£68.95) is JOBY’s ‘first pro-grade lavalier mic’ and is designed ‘for big sound with a small footprint’. Its functions are ‘purpose-built to work in harmony with the Wavo PRO and other JOBY audio gear’. Its key features include a pro-grade capsule and included foam windscreen; a 2.5m long cable that connects to the Wavo Lav PRO for interview set-ups to help to minimise transferring vibrations; a durable aluminum mounting clip and a 3.5mm TRS connector to pair with Wavo PRO and work with standard camera attachments.

The JOBY Wavo Lav PRO mic held in a hand - it's the company's first ever lavalier microphone

The JOBY Wavo Lav PRO mic held in a hand – it’s the company’s first ever ‘pro-grade’ lavalier microphone

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