A Jessops store in Manchester was reportedly looted last night as Britain?s largest high-street photographic chain clears up after a second wave of rioting.


The shop, on Princess Street, close to Manchester Town Hall, is believed to have been ransacked by masked youths.

However, it seems that Jessops? three other Manchester stores survived the night of violence, including the recently opened 3,000 sq ft premises on Market Street, the retailer?s second Centre of Excellence.

At the time of writing Amateur Photographer was seeking official comment from Jessops’ head office in Leicester.

Many of the Manchester rioters were ?schoolchildren and teenagers?, according to the Manchester Socialist Workers Party.

?One girl of 14 ran down the road shouting ?yeah! looting!? as her mates took cameras from Jessops in Albert Square,? states the party?s website.

?Some rioters were intent on stealing from shops that sold things many cannot afford,? the party claimed.

One onlooker shouted, ?Disgraceful?, at the gang who had evaded police by posting a ?lookout? before they attacked, reports the Guardian.

Garry Shewan, assistant chief constable of Greater Manchester Police condemned the violence.

?Shops have been targeted, looted and set on fire and I, like everyone else, am absolutely appalled by the shameful actions of these criminals who have attacked our cities and have put Manchester and Salford in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.?

He added: ?We have captured offenders on CCTV and I want to send a clear message to these people that they will not get away with this ? we are reviewing these images and we will be coming for you as early as tomorrow.?

Meanwhile, Jessops’ flagship store in Birmingham – the chain?s first Centre of Excellence – is among shops clearing up after they were attacked and looted on Monday night.


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