Jessops yesterday informed customers of a new ?game-changing tripod? that apparently enabled cameras to hover when taking pictures, as part of an April Fools? prank.

Seemingly poised to to revolutionise landscape photography, the £144.95 kit was billed as a ?Jessops exclusive?.

?The Balattro noPod uses Maglev technology (derived from magnetic levitation), the same cutting edge technology that is used to propel, suspend and guide vehicles from magnets?? screamed Jessops’ online newsletter.

The hover tripod was joined by another bogus product from Jessops called Diva Cam, said to transform images by adding features such as a ?model pose? and automatically correcting for a ?bad hair day?.

PhotoBox also jumped on the April Fools bandwagon by announcing a ?Photos printed on Toast? service for customers.

?Insert a photo print into the side of our stylish gadget and, whilst the bread toasts, your photo will be printed onto the side. Breakfast will never be the same again,? declared a promotional email to PhotoBox customers.

Jessops and PhotoBox customers were alerted to the April Fools when they clicked on the relevant page of the retailers’ websites for more information.