Daniel Craig.wilson.webJames Bond actor Daniel Craig attends Photo London with Michael J Wilson, co-producer of the 007 movies. Both are known to be photography collectors

More than 20,000 people attended the Somerset House event over four days, in what has been hailed the largest photography fair ever staged in the capital.

Showcasing more than 2,000 images, Photo London featured 70 international galleries, and talks by more than 50 photographers and curators.

Among the dealers was Peter Fetterman, of the Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica, USA, who sold a Sebastião Salgado print of an iceberg for $50,000.

Fetterman told organisers: ‘We travelled 6,000 miles to come here and arriving at Photo London has felt like coming home.

‘Our gallery shows at eight fairs a year and none as well organised as this. We can’t wait for next year, already.’

Photo London has confirmed that next year’s show will be held, again at Somerset House, from 19-22 May.

Edie Sedgwick photomaton portrait.web,jpegCaroline Smulders (Paris) sold ‘Edie Sedgwick photomaton portrait’, 1966, by Gerard Malanga for £6,000

Among a collection of 19th century vintage prints was ‘La Grande Vague’ by Gustave Le Gray, valued at £250,000.

It was brought to the fair by London gallery owner James Hyman, who said: ‘We’ve been delighted by the response to our presentation of classic 19th and 20th century photographs.

‘Given this was the first year, it has been incredible to have such an enthusiastic and interested audience.’

Photo London director Michael Benson said: ‘The reaction to our first edition has been astonishing – far exceeding our own expectations and predictions.

‘Indeed, many of our exhibitors have told us that Photo London is the best art fair they have ever attended.

‘Our aim was not to be the biggest, simply to be the best, and with our first edition we have taken a huge stride in that direction.

‘Starting today, we will work hard to ensure that Photo London 2016 is even better.

Daniel Craig attended the event with James Bond co-producer Michael J Wilson, amid filming for the next 007 movie, Spectre, currently taking place in London.

Craig was an invited guest and is a photography collector, a spokesperson for Photo London told Amateur Photographer.

Other well-known attendees included musician Lily Allen and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

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