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However good your camera and lens, photo editing remains an essential part of modern photography, whether you use a digital camera to generate your images or get your film negatives scanned at home or done by a lab.

Getting the best results from your image editing can be a challenge however, and not everyone wants to pay a monthly subscription to Adobe in order to use Photoshop and Lightroom.

While it may not seem that big a monthly amount, over the course of several years you can end up paying quite a lot. Fortunately there are alternative image-editing tools out there that offer much of the power and flexibility of Adobe’s tools, with a lot more besides – and you get to own the software after a reasonable one-off payment.

Introducing Serif Affinity Photo 2

One of the best examples is Serif Affinity Photo 2, produced by a UK-based software firm, Serif (check out the free trial).

Over the next week, we’ll be running a series of daily video tutorials on Affinity Photo 2, which will also appear in subsequent issues of Amateur Photographer magazine.

Serif Affinity Photo 2

Affinity Photo supports any number of adjustment layers, image layers, Live Filter layers and masks, to allow highly sophisticated editing steps

We kick things off with a full introductory guide to Affinity Photo 2. See the YouTube video below for expert advice from Rod Lawton, as he reveals how to create an eye-catching composite of a landscape and dramatic sky. We’d love to see your results – email your images to

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