The compact system camera (CSC) will cost around Euros 5,000 and is due out early next year.

The ‘Lunar’ will be compatible with A-mount and E-mount lenses.


  • 24.3MP APS-C sensor
  • Top ISO of 16,000
  • DSLR technology
  • Hailed as ‘new dawn’ for Hasselblad. ‘This is the start… The plan is to move very quickly,’ says CEO Dr Larry Hansen.

‘Our expectation is to launch a camera in every sector of the photographic market.’

  • Responding to demand. ‘My goal is to make Hasselblad cameras accessible to serious photographers and enthusiasts.

‘This is the first interchangeable-lens camera.

‘We also want to have digital compact cameras.’

  • New design centre in Italy for CSC.

‘DSLR full-frame to follow over next year.’

  • Mirrorless camera will have choice of wooden/carbon fibre grip
  • Firm following market trend towards ‘consumer focus’, away from ‘technology focus’
  • DSLR due ‘middle of next year’, CEO tells AP after press conference in Cologne, Germany
  • No current plan to develop partnership with Fujifilm, with which Hasselblad has existing lens relationship
  • Firm hopes to also attract some professional users who may be after a second, ‘sexy’, camera
  • CEO tells AP he does not see Leica as competition, though admits Hasselblad will compete for money photographers may otherwise spend on a Leica
  • CEO says camera made ‘deliberately’ larger than needed, to accommodate bigger lenses and allow for a more comfortable grip
  • Camera will use parts made in Japan and Italy, but be ‘constructed’ in Sweden
  • Hansen says he first had the idea of such a camera 16 years ago
  • No plan for full-frame CSC

Hasselblad chairman and CEO Dr Larry Hansen with one of the new
Lunar models. He told AP that photographers will have a choice of grips,
including one made from the wood found in the steering wheel of
Maserati cars

[Picture: C Cheesman]