Hasselblad CEO and chairman Dr Larry Hansen with an early version of the Lunar camera at the Photokina show in Cologne in 2012 [picture credit: C. Cheesman]

Dr Hansen has been replaced by new CEO Ian Rawcliffe who previously served as Hasselblad’s chief operating officer.

A UK spokeswoman told AP that Dr Hansen no longer works for Hasselblad
but refused to comment further on the change of leadership.

The change took effect before Christmas but was not made public by Hasselblad’s UK office.

Dr Hansen was appointed CEO in 2009. His role combined CEO and chairman responsibilities, but there is no word on any new chairman.

He is still listed as CEO on the Hasselblad website.

Meanwhile, the Sweden-based firm today unveiled its first 50MP medium-format camera to feature CMOS technology.

The H5D-50c is due to go on sale in March at a price yet to be announced.

Hasselblad product manager Ove Bengtson said: ‘This pioneering 50 megapixel CMOS sensor-camera is based on our H5D-50 model but will offer a faster capture rate, longer shutter speed capability and much greater ISO performance.’

New CEO Ian Rawcliffe added: ‘This is a world first and underpins Hasselblad’s status at the forefront of camera technology.

‘It will be the first of a number of medium-format capture innovations we have planned for the coming months.’