Guinness World Records has confirmed the creation of the ?largest pinhole camera,? made using a former aircraft hanger that measures 13.71×48.76×24.38m.

In a statement released to Amateur Photographer, Guinness Word Records? London office confirmed: ?The camera produced a photograph on canvas measuring 9.62×33.83m.?

The news comes just weeks before the photograph is due to go on show in Pasadena, California next month.

The record attempt was first reported by AP when it was organised last year, using a developing tray the size of an Olympic swimming pool.

It required 600 gallons of traditional b&w developer and 1,200 gallons of fixer.

?The attempt was organised by The Legacy Project at the Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, California, USA, in June 2006,? added Guinness World Records. ?The exposure time was 35 mins; aperture ? 6mm,? said a spokeswoman.

To create the light-tight giant camera obscura required materials including more than a mile-and-a-half of tape and 40 cans of black spray.

Its creators also claim the resulting image is the world?s largest photograph, though this had yet to be confirmed by Guinness World Records at the time of writing.

The ?gelatin silver? picture is three storeys tall and eleven wide.

The image shows the airport?s control towers, palm trees and a portable toilet, created by projecting light onto the light sensitive fabric through a hole in the hangar doors.

The hangar was once used by the US Marine Corps to house fighter jets.

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Picture credit: Rob Johnson, The Legacy Project

Guinness confirms ?largest pinhole camera? record

Organisers describe the resulting images below as the ‘negative version – that is the original piece – and a digital positive created after photographing the original negative’.

Picture credit: The Legacy Project

Guinness confirms ?largest pinhole camera? record