Nearly 1,800 images were entered into the portrait photography contest, which was hosted on the Photocrowd website.

Organisers said the ‘incredible portraits show human diversity across the planet’.

104558-a25fe44362546a6304c340e063cf80c5ef7e331a-v2v1440x900.web‘Francesca’ by Helena Mim/

“An environmental portraiture of an elderly woman, my mother, taken in a wild olive field in Greece. The saturated colours of natural green and yellow hues made an excellent contrast with my mother’s red jacket.”


Photo by Zaid Saadallaj/
“This portrait was an experiment on how someone’s belief can affect their appearance. In this case, the person in this photo is a Sunni Muslim, therefore he raised his beard according to Sunni Islam teachings.”


‘Reading Novice’ by Thomas Boehm/
“A reading novice in an old stupa in Bagan, Myanmar. This photo was shot during a self-organised workshop.”


‘Himalayas Girl’ by Ivan Kmit/
“A small girl in the Himalayan mountains. The photo was taken during a trip to the Indian Himalayas alpine village of Nako.”

109655-ef70ea8720c1ba67d0a1c609ddc75e2c5ac5843f-v2v1440x900.web‘Mysterious Eyes’ by MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan/
“A portrait of a girl with mysterious, beautiful eyes taken in my studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh.”

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