Advertising feature

If you are looking for alternatives to Adobe software for editing portraits, the recently released PortraitPro v23 from Anthropics is a good solution. The latest version, version 23, comes with lot of new features and improvements to both the user interface and the speed of the editing process.

These new features include the following:

  • New backlight lighting brush
  • Stray hair remover
  • New art effects added to the neck lengthening feature in version 22
  • Eye widening tools
  • There are also new tutorials from PortraitPro creators, enhanced lip-colour features, improved skin/hair finder technology and more.

    PortraitPro v23 stray hair remover

    The PortraitPro v 23 stray hair remover – before and after

You can use PortraitPro v 23 for more than just portrait photography. You can replace skies on your landscape images in a few clicks, for example reduce noise on your images, modify shadows and brightness, clone and remove objects and access hundreds of stock images. There is a huge array of easy-to-use retouching tools for professional, magazine quality results.

Exclusive discount for AP readers

You can already get a 50% discount on downloads and there is an extra 15% for AP readers using the code APSS. This means you can get PortraitPro v 23 for only £42. If you are an existing PortraitPro user upgrading to version 23, it will only cost you £31.85. Add your code via the PortraitPro v23 site

Note also that the APSS discount code is also valid for LandscapePro