Snappy Snaps Hampstead

Picture: Snappy Snaps in Hampstead, London

Snappy Snaps has hit back at accusations it sought publicity by launching an application for the Apple iPhone to coincide with George Michael?s release from jail.

Earlier this week George Michael fans bombarded Snappy Snaps with complaints, accusing the high-street photo chain of orchestrating a shameless publicity stunt.

Snappy Snaps had also said it would welcome George Michael to any of its stores despite him smashing into the chain’s Hampstead branch, causing damage to the shop front that remains untouched three months on.

However, a spokeswoman last night stoutly refuted the allegations, telling Amateur Photographer: ?Contrary to what has been suggested, Snappy Snaps has not sought any publicity from the accidental damage caused to our Hampstead branch and has only ever responded to legitimate enquiries from the media.?

?The launch of the iPhone application was indeed a coincidence. It had been in development for almost six months – therefore long before the accident happened – and was released as soon as Apple had approved it.

?The final timing was not dictated by us or related to George Michael.’

George Michael fans had also demanded Snappy Snaps donate any funds it receives from insurance payouts relating to the crash damage, to charity.

But Snappy Snaps told us it is not pursuing an insurance claim.

?A shop fitting contractor has already been booked but has not yet been able to start work.

?We hope this will be completed as soon as possible. We do not want our store left in its present condition any longer than necessary.?


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