Following the launch of the new Fujifilm X100VI, we spoke to three of the biggest UK photo retailers regarding pre-orders, to find out how sales are going and why they think the Fujifilm X100VI is such a popular camera. We also spoke to Fujifilm UK’s General Manager Theo Georghiades. This is what they had this to say.

Theo Georghiades, General manager, Fujifilm UK: “This is the most successful launch we’ve ever had! With the new camera we’re excited to open up sales to new customers. It’s our biggest pre-orders numbers in history, and Fujifilm’s biggest ever launch in terms of numbers. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Richard Calcutt, Commercial Director, WEX Photo Video: “The response has been unprecedented, we have seen a huge surge in initial demand and are now on course to break all records for WEX. We are seeing the pent up demand from the previous model transform into strong commitment from existing customers as well as huge levels of excitement and intrigued from new.

The popularity and ease of use of the Fujifilm X100VI has once again opened up photography to a new audience which is great for the industry. Customers that value photos taken with a proper camera vs a mobile phone, will then go on to upgrade and explore their passion for photography in the future. This is proven through WEX with our customer service support, expertise in store and huge range of products and accessories to help you get maximum value from your purchase.”

Roscoe Atkins, Managing Director, Park Cameras: “The Fujifilm X100VI is selling extremely well, by far outselling the X100V. With the resolution bump, IBIS and other features introduced, it’s understandably been an incredible success. It’s great that they have doubled manufacturing capacity, however, this is not going to be enough and I hope they can increase supply, for this globally successful camera. We are operating on a first come first serve basis, so the sooner you get your preorder in, the sooner you’ll get your camera.”

Nick Richens, Chief Executive, London Camera Exchange: “Pre-orders have been going remarkably well. The Fujifilm X100VI builds on the strength of the previous model, which was massively popular, and oversubscribed, and this new model, with new features, enhances that desire, need, and want. It’s a joy to use so I can understand why people want it. Best of all it transcends all the brands as it appeals to all different users, whether they are traditionally using Nikon, Canon etc. The camera takes photography back to the basics, and reminds us you can take photos by taking a step back to the basics, as well as a step forwards. I love it.”

Fujifilm X100VI in silver and black. Photo Andy Westlake

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