In the wake of international outrage over the death of George Floyd while being restrained by police officers in the US, and the subsequent protests by Black Lives Matter, Fujifilm has issued a statement emphasising its “Commitment to Inclusiveness and Diversity.”

While the specific measures refer to the camera maker’s activities in the US, they are clearly designed to send a message globally, and Fujifilm is the only major camera maker to have released such a statement/policy document. “Diversity is where we find our strength, and this is especially true for creators.” the company says. “We’ve engaged with and listened to our communities, scrutinized our marketing programs, and now it is time for us to do more.

Amongst the added opportunities for Fujjfilm fans to engage with the company is a shout-out for users to submit stories for potential sharing on social media. “Check out our social feeds and you will already see a diverse selection of submissions shared throughout our channels. Our platforms will be the go-to place to see stories from every part of our community.”

The company is also promoting a “new collaboration process for creators in black, indigenous and people of colour communities,” and promises to have further updates on this process by 1 July. We’ll also bring you more UK-specific updates as we receive them.