Fujifilm has slammed a report in today?s Times newspaper that wrongly states it has announced its withdrawal from the traditional film and camera business.

The company has demanded that the newspaper publishes a correction for what Fujifilm UK spokesman Will Rolls condemned as a ?reporter?s error?.

Rolls told us: ?We are not withdrawing from the film business. We are still committed to film production. It is still a vibrant market.?

However, he added: ?There is no doubt that the declining demand for film is bringing about a need to restructure.?

And Rolls acknowledged that the Japanese company has recently announced the axing of 5,000 jobs – many of which relate to film production – but he said this will ?not impact on the UK or the UK consumer?.

The article ? headlined ?film camera is killed off by million of pixels? ? centres on the rising value of second-hand film cameras, triggered by fears in Japan of the end of film camera production.

The newspaper interviewed AP?s deputy technical editor Chris Gatcum who relayed the fears of many AP readers that digital has spelt the end of film. Chris told the newspaper: ?There?s a real romanticism to film that digital doesn?t have.?