Fujifilm?s GF670W Professional wideangle medium format rangefinder camera is due to go on sale in Japan this month.

Fitted with a 55mm f/4.5 lens, instead of the 80mm f/3.5 of the GF670 (known as the Voigtlander Bessa III outside Japan), the new camera will shoot 10 or 20 6x7cm frames, and 12 or 24 6x6cm-size images on either 120 or 220 roll film.

A report in the latest issue of Japanese trade publication Pen News Weekly quotes a price of 275,000 yen (around £2,056 pounds).

First unveiled last year, the GF670W features a coupled rangefinder, aperture priority and manual exposure modes and shutter speeds of between four seconds and 1/500sec, plus B(ulb).

?The preceding GF670 Professional [which] debuted in 2009 is a folding camera with bellows equipped with 80mm lens (45mm equivalent) and the new GF670W is more like a 35mm film camera without the folding mechanism and bellows that work more swiftly,? according to Pen News Weekly.

Fujifilm Japan describes the camera as compact and lightweight.

Powered by a CR2 lithium battery the GF670W weighs 1100g and measures 178x109x89mm (without battery).

The 55mm lens will deliver the 35mm viewing angle equivalent a 27mm optic.

Film sensitivity can be set from ISO25-3200.

Aperture and shutter priority, plus manual exposure, can be set using control rings on the lens barrel.

The GF670W Professional will go on sale in Japan on 23 March.

There is no word as yet on UK availability.

Fuji GF670W camera specs and pictures