LAS VEGAS – Fujifilm has confirmed plans to launch an M-mount lens adapter for its X-Pro1 compact system camera.

Hiroshi Kawahara, Fujifilm’s operations manager for Product Planning, made the announcement at CES, telling journalists it will ‘revive the old lenses from the film era’.

The adapter will allow manual focus operation with old Fujinon lenses, as well as M-mount Leica lenses, for example.

Kawahara was vague on the exact timing of the launch but, when pressed, said he expects it to go on sale in April, after the CP+ trade show in Japan next month.

NEWSFLASH: Fuji has also announced plans to launch a black limited edition (10,000 units worldwide) version of its X100 camera that will include a lens hood and adapter ring. It will be available as a kit from February.