Fuji has unveiled a new general-purpose colour transparency film called Fujichrome Provia 400X Professional.

The film is claimed to deliver one of the ?world?s highest? levels of grain quality and sharpness, while producing the same vivid colour reproduction as an ISO 100 emulsion.

?It delivers rich colour tone reproduction from highlights to shadows,? claims Fuji?s Japan HQ, which adds that new dye-forming couplers boast ?astoundingly sturdy colour pigments that can maintain colour integrity for nearly 100 years.? The film uses the same ?high purity? yellow, magenta and cyan dye-forming couplers found in Velvia 100, 100F and Astia 100F, explained a spokesman.

Provia 400X is also claimed to deliver ?fine results? in push-pull processing for exposures ranging from ?1/2 stop to +2 stops. The company adds: ?These qualities make this a highly versatile film for general-purpose applications, including landscape, nature, snapshots and portrait photography.?

Fujichrome Provia 400X Professional is expected to debut in the UK this autumn at a price yet to be released.