Fuji has unwrapped a nine-million-pixel digital camera called the FinePix S9500 Zoom, which boasts a 28-300mm lens (in 35mm viewing angle terms).

The S9500 features a ?5th generation? Super CCD sensor and is aimed at the enthusiast market, according to Fuji, who add that it is designed as a ?credible alternative? to an entry level digital SLR.

Fuji UK has confirmed that the new 9.24MP sensor is slightly larger than the one featured on its predecessor, the 6.3-million-pixel S7000. A spokeswoman claimed: ?The Real Photo Technology (processing) in the camera works in conjunction with the new sensor to allow images to be taken at much higher sensitivity levels (the maximum is 1600, rather than 800) for low-light and non-flash photography, with reduced noise.? High ISO settings can be used at ?full resolution? in contrast to previous models which only allowed high sensitivity settings at 1MP or 3MP settings, she added.

Powered by four AA batteries ? and due out in August ? on-board features include a ?tilting? 1.8in LCD screen and the ability to shoot in RAW mode, plus a hotshoe for attaching external flash. The user can focus down to 1cm in Super Macro mode, according to Fuji.

Fuji describes the camera as a ?bridge? model. A bridge camera is not a compact camera in the traditional sense but one with SLR styling and SLR-type controls and an SLR-look lens which is not removable. The 10.7x Fujinon (f/2.8) zoom lens is controlled by twisting the lens barrel.

Manual focusing is possible, as is shutter priority, aperture priority and manual exposure control. Scene modes include Night, Portrait and Landscape.

A price had not been released at the time of writing.

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Fuji can be contacted on 0870 084 1310.