When attached to the Fujifilm X100, the lens aims to deliver the 35mm viewing-angle equivalent of a 28mm optic.

This represents a magnification factor of 0.8x.

A Fuji UK spokesman said: ‘The WCL-X100 [lens converter] maintains the same functionality of the Fujifilm X100. The autofocusing speed remains the same, the 10cm macro distance still applies and it is also compatible with the X100’s hybrid viewfinder.’

With the optical viewfinder selected, photographers will receive the equivalent to 80% of the frame field of view, while selecting the EVF gives users a 100% field of view.

The WCL-X100 is due in UK shops in August costing around £250, though the price and launch date have yet to be finalised.

It will be available in black and silver-coloured versions.

Fuji X100 owners should first update their camera to firmware version 1.3.0 or later.