Eastman Kodak is this month set to increase the price of its consumer and professional films by as much as 17%, blaming higher raw material and energy costs.

The price of film will rise from between 3% and 17%, confirmed Charles S Smith, vice president of communications for Eastman Kodak?s Film and Photofinishing Systems Group who told AP: ?The increases vary by product and country.?

Asked whether the price rises will affect this country, a UK spokeswoman said: ?Kodak prices in the UK currently remain unchanged. However, we are continuing to review our pricing strategy based on business conditions. Any future pricing changes will be communicated to our customers accordingly.?

Meanwhile, Fuji Photo Film USA is set to push up prices on ?photosensitised? materials, according to Hank Hayashi, president of Fuji Photo Film USA?s Imaging Group who is reported as saying: ?Although the specific markets, products, timings or amount of price increase have not yet been decided it is apparent that the rapid increase in the cost of key raw materials such as silver and oil cannot be completely absorbed by our company.?

We are still waiting to hear from Fuji as to whether prices will rise in the UK.

In its press statement Kodak added: ?Kodak has been absorbing unrelenting increases in the costs of raw material used to manufacture film, including silver and petrochemicals. Other costs tied to the escalating price of energy ? including transportation and packaging ? have also increased. These pressures have reached a point where they can no longer be offset by Kodak?s ongoing productivity programs.?

Kodak is also set to raise the price of its motion picture films by as much as 5%.

However, the company adds: ?Kodak remains committed to its film customers and to supporting the diverse imaging needs of consumers, professional photographers and filmmakers.?