Photographers from Europe triumphed in a marine photography competition organised by printer maker Epson.

Entrants from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Slovakia shared 10 of the top prizes in the $80,000 Epson Red Sea contest which is dubbed the ?underwater photography Olympics?.

Among the winners was Esteban Tore from Spain who said of his winning image: ?It is not just about doing a portrait. In the Fish of the Year category, for example, you are asked to summarise the behaviour and lifestyle of a fish in just three shoots.

?You need to stand still, trying not to scare the animal, waiting for the perfect moment to get the perfect frame.?

Kristin Saus-Opuszynski, from Epson Europe, said: ?As a company we?re engaged in a number of initiatives to highlight and protect global biodiversity and the environment. These competitions offer a different solution though, by using stunning images to inspire people to care about the environment we all share.?

Esteban ToreThis image, by Esteban Tore, won honours in the Fish of the Year category