European bison – only an estimated 3,200 remain on Earth. Image by photographer Markus Stähli (Switzerland)

Several high profile wildlife photographers from around the continent – including the UK’s Sam Hobson, Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalist in 2014 and 2016 – have sought out and captured shots of rare animals in their natural habitat as part of an attempt to document and raise awareness for vulnerable and endangered species.

Based on the IUCN’s (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) ‘Red List’, subjects for the project include Atlantic puffins, the little bustard, common eiders and the European bison – of which only about 3,200 remain. The project was created by Sony, in partnership with the European Outdoor Conservation Association.

Common Eider. Image by photographer Sam Hobson (UK)

Writing about the project, Catherine Savidge, General Manager of the European Outdoor Conservation Association, said: “By capturing these images, we are able to share photography of these wondrous animals in their natural habitat with those who might never see them. In ten years, the EOCA has raised over €2 million from the outdoor industry and spent 100% of it on projects conserving threatened species and habits in 41 different countries.”

In an effort to ensure the animals weren’t disturbed, Sony armed each of the photographers with an RX10 III for their shoot, which features an extended super-telephoto zoom lens and silent-shutter mode.

More information on the IUCN Red List can be found at

Kingfisher. Images by photographer Gustav Kiberg (Netherlands)

Atlantic Puffin. Images by Sam Hobson (UK)

Little Bustard. Image by Javier Alonso Huerta (Spain)

Common Pochard. Image by Sam Hobson (UK)