Music legend Eric Clapton has been spotted trying to take a picture using a Leica M8 camera, but with the lens cap left on.

The trouble apparently occurred while Clapton was at a guitar festival in Chicago, according to The Sun newspaper which has published images of the incident.

Giving Amateur Photographer his reaction, Leica?s UK spokesman and Clapton fan Nobby Clark told us: ?I?m sure Eric was only playing with the Leica M8.?

The Sun’s pictures can be viewed here: The Sun’s article

Clapton is not the first star to get caught out. Two year?s ago Victoria Beckham used a Leica Digilux 2 to turn the tables on the paparazzi while out shopping during Milan Fashion Week.

There was just one tiny problem for the wife of the former England football captain. She had also inadvertently provided a perfect photo opportunity for the press snappers by forgetting to remove the lens cap.

Mrs Beckham scores own goal