DxO Optics Pro image enhancement software is now available for Fujifilm?s FinePix S3 Pro and S5 Pro digital SLRs.

DxO says it has designed its software specifically for Fujifilm?s Super CCD imaging sensor, to deliver maximum quality when converting raw images captured using the S3 and S5 Pro (pictured).

?DxO Optics Pro?s raw conversion for Fuji Super CCD raw files takes into account the specific distribution and layout of photosites on the Fuji sensor in order to maximise details while minimising unwanted artefacts,? claims DxO.

The software is also designed to automatically remove chromatic aberration and ?purple fringing? to help improve image quality.

Other claimed benefits include regaining extra detail in images using the software?s highlight recovery feature.

For full details visit www.dxo.com.