The DWARF II Smart Telescope camera makes astrophotography and other remote photography easy. The camera is available now, priced at £369, and weighs 1.2kg. It uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to iOS and Android devices.

The DRAWF II is from DwarfLAB, and features a telephoto camera and a wide-angle camera, as well as AI automatic tracking, gigapixel panorama, and a feature called “one-click GOTO” which will automate star photography for you. This makes it easier, and significantly cheaper than traditional cameras for astrophotography, for those who want to give it a go. You can also record 4K video at 30fps, making it an option for people who want to record video for YouTube.

DWARF II Smart Telescope - Smartphone app - Image: DrawfLAB

DWARF II Smart Telescope – Smartphone app with “Auto GOTO” star selection – Image: DrawfLAB

Dwarf II Astrophotography:

The one-click GOTO feature uses a StellarRoute algorithm to automatically align the camera with the selected target star. The app includes a catalogue of stars within the app, making it easy to find and select the star you’re looking for. Once located, the camera can automatically track the movement of the stars, as the camera can rotate and follow the altitude, using a field-rotation-correction algorithm. In addition to auto star tracking, there is also auto stacking to give improved image quality.

Dual Cameras:

The cameras in the DAWRF II includes a 48mm equivalent f/2.4 wide-angle camera, with a 2MP sensor, and a 675mm equivalent f/4.2 telephoto camera, with an 8MP SONY IMX415 Starvis sensor. The Sony IMX415 Starvis sensor is designed for excellent low-light performance. The working distance of the cameras is from 4 metres to infinity.

There’s a 5600mAh rechargeable battery, which is replaceable, and the camera supports USB charging. MicroSD cards can be used, with up to 512GB cards supported.

DWARF II Smart Telescope Camera - Image: DrawfLAB

DWARF II Smart Telescope Camera – Image: DrawfLAB

AI object recognition and tracking:

The Dwarf II also offers object recognition and tracking, with suggested uses including bird photography, and other wildlife photography.

From DwarfLABS: “Whether it’s a bird or a ball player, DWARF II’s neural network processing unit (NPU) automatically recognizes and tracks the movement of your chosen subject. If the action slows down, you’re one click away from zooming-in for a closer look. Our panoramic and telephoto lenses are always kept in sync and our app enables one-click switching between them.”

Dwarf II sample pictures:

Dwarf II Sample image, from DwarfLAB

Dwarf II Sample image, from DwarfLAB

There’s a Facebook group where users can share hints and tips on how to use the Dwarf II as well as share sample photos taken with the camera.

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