DSLR banThe photo, by Tim Allen, has been viewed more than 9,000 times since it was posted last night on Twitter (above)

A sign banning the public from taking DSLRs inside a disused tube station has created a storm of protest on Twitter.

The recently-erected sign reads: ?Due to their combination of high-quality sensor and high resolution, digital SLR cameras are unfortunately not permitted inside the station.?

Originally named Strand, the underground station at Aldwych was used as a public air raid shelter during the Blitz and has featured in films such as Atonement.

It closed in 1994 but has been open to the public for the past two weekends, with tours costing £20 a head for adults.

Photographer Tim Allen who spotted the sign yesterday described it as ‘idiotic’.

Fellow Twitter user and photographer Paul Vincent, who went on a recent tour, was among those left confused. He wrote: ‘One chap brought a 35mm [film] SLR.’

Another, using the Twitter name Emilio, used an iPhone instead.

‘Funny thing: there was a girl with an old film SLR and I think a 20mm or 50mm fixed lens and since that didn’t look “big” enough they just let her use it.’

A Transport for London spokesman had yet to respond to our request for comment at the time of writing.