DPReview has announced that it has been acquired by Gear Patrol. This comes almost three months after it was initially announced that Amazon intended to close down the site after 25 years online.

Gear Patrol is a publisher and content studio that focuses on broader consumer products. It has confirmed that the site will continue to operate as it did before with all historical content accessible and that current DPReview employees will continue to work on the site.

DPReview’s general manager Scott Everett announced the news on DPReview, saying that ‘I want to reassure you that we remain firmly committed to what makes DPReview great: the best camera reviews in the business, industry-leading photography news and features, and one of the most active photography communities anywhere on the internet.’

Originally, DPReview was set to close down on April 10 and there were efforts to archive the site’s content. However, the site continued to run past this date, continuing to post news stories and articles.

‘DPReview is the internet’s original center of gravity for photography,’ said Eric Yang, CEO and founder of Gear Patrol. ‘As a photography enthusiast, I’ve been an avid reader since its earliest days. We’re honored to receive the baton from Amazon and help the incredible DPReview team craft the next phase of their story. Editorial integrity and the passionate community are the heart of DPReview and we plan to uphold that charter.’

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