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DJI claims the new kit, called Osmo, will ‘eliminate the shake of traditional handheld devices’ when it goes on sale later this month, priced £549.

The Osmo features DJI’s existing Zenmuse X3, a 4K video camera with a 12-million-pixel Sony Exmor R 1/2.3in CMOS imaging sensor. The X3’s f/2.8 lens boasts a 94° field of view.

The user will be able to view live images and choose settings such as ‘panorama’, which automatically pans the camera around 360° before stitching the resulting shots together.

A ‘slow-motion’ mode captures images at 120 frames per second (up to 1080p).

Frank Wang, DJI CEO and founder, said: ‘With the Osmo, we have created a camera specifically designed to capture a smooth-moving image regardless of filming conditions.’

The firm’s director of communications Michael Perry explained that the Osmo allows ‘full integration between the camera and gimbal’.

The Osmo handle, which includes a built-in stereo microphone and 3.5mm audio jack, will also be available separately, without the camera, at a price to be decided.

Osmo’s modular format is also designed to make it compatible with DJI’s Zenmuse X5 Pro or Zenmuse X5 Raw Micro Four Thirds cameras, as well as the X3.

In an interview with the Video Mode, Michael Perry said he expects the Osmo to fill a void in the market for ‘stabilised video’, which includes journalists.

He added: ‘Over the past few years we have been focusing specifically on designing cameras with movement in three-dimensional spaces – specifically in the air.

‘But when the Inspire [drone] came out, we had a modular camera, and [people] were talking about the modularity of cameras – they were thinking about the upgrade path immediately.

‘We have kind of answered that question with the [Micro Four Thirds] Zenmuse X5 and X5 Raw.’

The camera accepts Micro SD memory cards.