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Photographer dated 17 August 2013

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The Pen E-P5 is a stylish modern-day take on an Olympus film camera from the 1960s, packed with new and improved features as well as a clever body design that enhances its handling, writes Tim Coleman

Ivor Matanle traces the history of the Kodak Retina Ia and IIa, part of a range of folding 35mm cameras made in Germany

Martin Evening explains how to ‘paint in’ noise reduction selectively using the Adjustment Brush

Bucking the trend for increased pixels on smartphone cameras, HTC has used just 4 million in its new release and focused on image quality. Callum McInerney-Riley puts it to the test

Sports photographer Bob Martin and Nikon’s James Banfield tell Oliver Atwell about the innovative leaps in photographic technology that will offer a fresh perspective on one of Britain’s most exciting sporting events

This week’s news:

  • Amateurs bewildered by police-car stop
  • Fujifilm reveals XC 50-230mm lens plan
  • 19th century lens for today’s DSLRs
  • Ilford Imaging Switzerland up for sale
  • Sigma to launch lens ‘conversion’ service;
  • Ferrania film to make comeback

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