The digital version of Amateur Photographer dated 11 May 2013 is available now!

Some smartphone apps are in the business of nostalgia, using a number of filters to make images look ‘retro’ by mimicking the quirks and flaws of vintage film cameras. Ian Farrell sees if they succeed or can even go one better

The twin-lens reflex camera is arguably one of the ‘purest’ designs there is, and every photographer should use one at least once. Chris Gatcum rounds up half a dozen contenders to suit every budget

For those wishing to join those enthusiasts who enjoy the ‘romance’ of film, Tony Kemplen provides a round-up of six old yet still usable models costing less than £30

Your ideal camera may be a lot cheaper than you think. Richard Sibley explains how, with a little research and some patience, you can save yourself hundreds of pounds by buying a second-hand DSLR

Professor Bob Newman looks at why lenses need to be coated for optimum quality and the processes involved

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