Kodak has outlined new digital technology after declaring that today?s digital cameras are ?dinosaurs? with the same ?basic architecture and functionality? as a Box Brownie camera invented more than 100-years ago.

Commenting on the current state of technology Kodak CEO Antonio M Perez said: ?It is a lens, shutter and something to capture the focused light. All the imaging industry has done is to replace silver with silicon.?

Perez (pictured) said today?s digital capture devices ?don?t enable consumers to take full advantage of the powerful capabilities offered by digital technology?. He pledged to ?design digital cameras from the ground up to take full advantage of the creative power that digital technology provides?.

To this aim Perez announced new areas of technology that Kodak is working on. These include ?e-moment technology? which the company describes as an ?intelligent system where pictures have the ability to automatically recognise each other?. The company adds: ?Without human instruction, a picture will use its metadata to find another picture with related data and assemble into new groups based on how they relate to one another. For example, imagine being able to access every picture ever taken of your son or daughter at Christmas, whether it?s part of your collection or those of relatives and friends.?

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