A free firmware upgrade is now available for the Leica Digilux 3 digital SLR.

Launched last year, the Digilux 3 is the first Leica-branded Four Thirds digital SLR (see AP 23 September 2006). The camera boasts a resolution of 7.5 million pixels.

The firmware adds a third optical image stabilisation mode which, according to Leica, ?enables the user to employ the panning technique?.

It also includes a feature that ?considerably improves the visibility of the monitor image when the camera is held below eye level?, according to Leica.

Leica says the aperture value can now be set more easily when using lenses ?of other makes? that do not have an aperture setting ring.

The firmware can be downloaded for free by visiting www.leica-camera.co.uk/news/news/1/5080.html.