The inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed is likely to look into whether the actions of the paparazzi caused or contributed to the crash which killed them.

The matter is one of 20 ?likely issues? to be addressed by the coroner at the British inquest into the deaths which has begun at London?s Royal Courts of Justice.

Meanwhile, previously unseen pictures taken before and after the 1997 crash in the Pont d?Alma tunnel in Paris have been released.

The images were shown to the inquest jury yesterday.

Pictures (below): Princess Diana can be seen in the back of the Mercedes. Driver Henri Paul is alongside Diana?s bodyguard Trevor Rees. In the second picture, Dodi Al Fayed can be seen behind Henri Paul. Trevor Rees survived the crash. The images were released by the coroner?s office official website, alongside a caption which states that the photographs were both taken in Rue Cambon by Jacques Langevin

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Diana images released to juryDiana images released to jury

Other key issues to be looked at by the coroner, Lord Justice Scott Baker, include ?whether the British or any other security services had any involvement in the collision?, according to the inquest?s website.

The coroner is also expected to consider whether there was anything ?sinister? about ?the disturbance at the Big Pictures agency?.

The inquest is expected to last six months.

In 2002, formal manslaughter charges against nine photographers were dropped following a French investigation into the cause of the crash.

A subsequent British inquiry, led by Lord Stevens, last year concluded that the crash was a ‘tragic accident’.

Last month French justice officials were understood to be investigating the disappearance of a 6,000-page dossier containing many photographs and documents relating to the car crash.

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The photo below, which was among many released to the jury, was taken by the Emergency Services

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