PhotoDirector 7 provides raw-format support for the latest cameras. Features also include Photo Merge: Panorama, designed to automatically create seamless panorama images without the need for cropping, and ‘Content-Aware Object Removal’. PhotoDirector 7 costs from £49.99, for the Windows-only version. Newly updated editions of CyberLink’s video-editing software include PowerDirector 14, priced from £59.99. For full details visit

Press release
CyberLink Introduces Extreme Editing with Launch of All-New Director Series Multimedia Software

Rethinking traditional editing models brings major updates to PowerDirector and PhotoDirector making video and photo editing faster and simpler

Taipei, Taiwan — September 15th, 2015 —CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), today launched the latest versions of its Director series multimedia editing software featuring award-winning PowerDirector 14, AudioDirector 6, ColorDirector 4 and PhotoDirector 7. The launch unveils the concept of ‘extreme editing’ — an approach that pushes beyond traditional video-making boundaries to offer something truly new: a unique combination of the high-end performance and features found in pro-level software, wrapped in the easy-to-use design of consumer products, making it accessible to everyone from complete beginners through to expert video editors.

In this release, PowerDirector adds a completely new dimension to video editing with the Action Cam Center. This intuitive tool designed for sports and adventure enthusiasts, combines some of the software’s most powerful capabilities into one simple workflow. In addition, performance gets a boost with enhancements to the patented SVRT rendering technology, and ready-to-go templates help users instantly create expert-looking videos. PhotoDirector introduces an exciting approach to working with layers, rendering a tool many users find challenging, simple and intuitive even for beginners.

‘Our goal with the Director series is two-fold: we want to make video and photo editing accessible to consumers of all skill levels, while offering all the powerful features and exceptional flexibility sought by advanced editors,’ said Alice H Chang, CEO of CyberLink. ‘We design software that rejects compromise and delivers a perfect balance between high performance, advanced features and simplicity, resulting in a unique, extreme, video and photo editing suite.’

Complete Video and Photo Editing

PowerDirector 14, AudioDirector 6, ColorDirector 4 and PhotoDirector 7 are sold separately as standalone products, or collectively as part of Director Suite 4 — a comprehensive set of multimedia editing tools providing a seamless round-trip editing experience for creative video and photo makers.

Product Key Features
PowerDirector 14 — Fast & Flexible Video Editing
•  Flexible Video Editing Modes [ENHANCED] — Create videos instantly using Easy Editor
mode, or take full control via the timeline interface in the Full Feature Editor.
•  500+ Effects & Templates [NEW] — Classic pro-quality built-in effects and templates combine with new hyper-realistic animations and alpha transitions to deliver an expert touch to videos.
•  Fully Customizable Design Tools — Design unique transitions, title effects and disc menus with CyberLink’s customizable Title Designer, PiP Designer, Transition Designer, Particle Designer, Menu Designer and Theme Designer.
•  Fastest Video Editing [NEW] — TrueVelocityTM 5 is a 64-bit video rendering powerhouse that reduces latency and improves overall system efficiency for smooth, fast handling of HD footage.
  •  Action Camera Center [NEW] — Brings together all the ultra-powered features action enthusiasts need to create high impact videos; stabilize shaky video, correct color and distortion issues, apply slow motion effects, and more.
•  Precision Motion Tracking [NEW] — Simplified motion tracking that enables easy tracking and enhancement of objects and people in video footage.
AudioDirector 6 — Complete Audio Editing Studio
•  Video Soundtrack Editing — Perfect the soundtracks in videos with real-time adjustment of track attributes in a full-featured, intuitive mixing studio.
•  5.1/7.1 Channel Surround Sound Panner — Create sophisticated surround sound projects using dynamic panning technology on any audio file.
•  Auto Voice Dub Syncing [NEW] — Accurately align recorded voice-overs to pre- recorded video at the click of a button.
•  Frequency and Visual Audio Repair — Remove audio imperfections using a range of powerful restoration tools and an interface that visualizes waveforms and unwanted sounds to make identifying problems and repairing audio easy.
ColorDirector 4 — Easy Color Grading. Pro Results.•  Intuitive Post-Production Color Grading—A complete set of tools to correct white balance, adjust tonality, and enhance and stylize the colors in videos.
•  HDR Video — Unique technology brings the popular HDR effect to video, adding more dynamic range to scenes and highlighting the best parts of footage.
• Intelligent Motion Tracking — Advanced tracking algorithm matches image data from a selected area to image data in each succeeding frame, enabling accurate— and automatic—object tracking that removes the need for time-consuming frame- by-frame adjustments.
PhotoDirector 7 — Complete Photo Adjustment & Design
 •  Latest Camera and Format Support [NEW] — Extensive range of popular and
proprietary RAW file formats and camera model profiles ensures optimal image quality.
•  Photo Merge: Panorama — Use intelligent content-aware auto-fill to create seamless panorama images without the need for cropping.
•  Face and Body Beautification [NEW] — Techniques and tools used by top magazines on cover models have been included in a design that makes photo retouching quick and intuitive.
 •  Intuitive Layer Editing [NEW] — Fresh approach to layer editing makes it simple for even novices to add text, fills and gradients to photos with a variety of tools and 14 essential blending modes.
•  Content-Aware Object Removal — Quickly and easily remove unwanted people or objects from photos at the click of a button.

Versions and Pricing
Director Suite 4
•  Director Suite 4 (₤249.99): Includes PowerDirector 14, PhotoDirector 7,
AudioDirector 6, ColorDirector 4, over $900 worth of premium content, and 40GB of space on CyberLink Cloud for 1 year.

•  Director Suite Live (₤79.99/12mo. or ₤39.99/3mo.): Subscription version.
PowerDirector 14
•  PowerDirector 14 Ultimate Suite (₤209.99): Includes AudioDirector 6, ColorDirector 4, over $800 worth of premium content, and 40GB of space on CyberLink Cloud for 1 year.
•  PowerDirector 14 Ultimate (₤99.99): Includes over $650 worth of premium content, and 20GB of space on CyberLink Cloud for 1 year.
•  PowerDirector 14 Ultra (₤79.99): Includes 20GB of space on CyberLink Cloud for 1 year.
•  PowerDirector 14 Deluxe (₤59.99)
PhotoDirector 7
•  PhotoDirector 7 Suite (₤114.99): Includes ColorDirector 4, 40GB of space on CyberLink Cloud for 1 year.
•  PhotoDirector 7 Ultra (₤79.99): Includes both (Mac & Windows version), 20GB of space on CyberLink Cloud for 1 year.
•  PhotoDirector 7 Deluxe (₤49.99): Windows version only. ColorDirector 4
• ColorDirector 4 Ultra (₤99.99) AudioDirector 6
• AudioDirector 6 Ultra (₤99.99)
Product Availability
The above products are available online at the CyberLink Store and in selected retail outlets worldwide in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean.