Available through photo imaging product distributor Intro 2020, the line is comprised of 9 camera bags and a variety of tripods and flexipods across a range of budgets, with tripods ranging between £14 and £399, and camera bags starting from £35.99.

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Press release

For more than 40 years, the name Cullmann has stood for practical, high-quality photographic and video accessories. All Cullmann products are designed in Germany and with a concise range of around 10 tripods and flexipods and 9 camera bags, the new Cullmann range offers something for every application and budget. Every Cullmann product is guaranteed to provide the user with the maximum benefit, simple, well thought-out operation, reliable functionality, a unique design, high-quality materials and a long service life – all at a reasonable price.

The Cullmann bag range includes the Sydney PRO Action zoomster, the Ultralight Sport and Lima backpacks and two more traditional camera bags – the Ultralight PRO Maxima 120 and 300. There are also two sporty / messenger Madrid bags, both can be used as camera bags but also a modern leisure bag for everyday use. The Madrid bags are available in grey/orange and come in 2 sizes.

The new Sydney Maxima 425+ Pro bag is the ideal multi-function bag, great for photographic equipment and perfectly suited as a business bag as it features a detachable camera insert and a notebook compartment provides space for tablets with a size of up to 13.3 inches.

Last but not least is the Amsterdam Gladstone bag that features an opening that runs along the entire length of the top of the bag and enables rapid access to all camera equipment. The camera inserts inside the bag can be removed to transform the bag into a practical leisure / overnight bag.

Cullmann tripods include a range of flexipods available in three sizes and three colours, plus mini tripods, full size tripods and the top of the range Titan 935 tripod, a large photo/video tripod that supports a huge 21kg of equipment. This tripod is the ideal workhorse for professionals and ambitious photographers and videographers and comes with a 20 year guarantee.

Prices & Availability

Tripod prices start from £13.99 and rise to £399.00 SRP for the Titan 936 model.

Cullman bags start from £35.99 SRP

Product is available immediately.