Keen landscape and nature photographer Jonathan Rogers explains why he changed to mirrorless cameras, while still using a DSLR as a back-up.

When and why did you decide to change to mirrorless?
I started my photographic life with a Canon DSLR and have chopped and changed over the past couple of years since beginning my creative journey. At the beginning of this year, I made the decision to change to mirrorless as I wanted a lighter set-up for wildlife photography. I did my research and concluded that the Panasonic Lumix G9, would be the perfect fit for me. As someone who struggles with health issues, I also wanted to get a lighter set-up.

Why do you like the Lumix G9?
The quality of the build is fantastic, it feels like a DSLR but with half the size and weight. The image quality is brilliant, for a 20MP sensor, it produces beautifully detailed photos.  I am truly impressed with this camera. I think I will stick with Lumix for future mirrorless cameras.

Have you tried other mirrorless cameras?
I also purchased a Sony A 7II, although it produces amazing results, I didn’t get on with the layout and the lack of touchscreen control for a modern camera. My main focus is wildlife photography and the Sony just wasn’t up to the same standard as the Lumix.  It also felt heavy and bulky, wasn’t as fast in terms of frames per second and the viewfinder was too slow and unresponsive. I did use it for landscapes and portraiture, however.

You still use DSLRs, right?
In fact I traded the Sony in via MPB for a Nikon 5600 and a Tamron 150-600mm lens which I use as as backup, along with the Lumix.