Fake lithium-ion batteries are in danger of exploding and harming photographers, warns Canon which used the PMA trade show in Las Vegas to warn of the dangers of using counterfeit models in Canon digital cameras.

?Though the design and packaging of these counterfeit battery packs resembles that of Canon genuine battery packs, the counterfeit battery packs pose a risk of leakage, explosion and fire to unsuspecting consumers who use them in their Canon products,? stated a sign on Canon?s stand, alongside an example of a battery which exploded when using a genuine Canon battery charger (pictured).

It added: ?Canon has taken measures to prevent the spread of these counterfeit battery packs, including the development of a special security label on all Canon genuine battery packs.?

To identify a fake battery Canon tells consumers that they should inspect the hologram sticker which shows the word ?Canon? running in horizontal bands.

?When viewed straight on, the special security label on packaging for Canon genuine battery packs appears gold, but when tilted back 90º, the label appears to be an iridescent green. Labels on packaging for counterfeit battery packs do not change colour,? stated the company.

The text on the fake batteries is also of a ?lower print quality? than the genuine model, adds Canon.

A message on Canon UK?s website warns consumers that the fake battery unit could cause cameras to malfunction. It adds: ?These battery packs could also overheat, leak, ignite or explode, potentially causing injuries such as burns or damage to eyesight.?