Canon has announced the Speedlite EL-10, a mid-range on-camera flash unit. It employs the firm’s multi-function foot for use on the latest EOS R-series cameras, which means it won’t work on EOS DSLRs. It sits in the firm’s range between the basic entry-level EL-100 and the more advanced EL-5. 

Canon Speedlite EL-10 at a glance:

  • $249 / £329.99
  • On-camera flash unit
  • Canon multi-function foot for EOS R cameras
  • Max guide number 40m / ISO 100
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries

Key features include a zoom head covering a 24-105mm equivalent view, plus a 14mm wideangle diffuser panel. The head can bounce up 90°, left 150°, and right 180°, for softer, more flattering lighting. It provides a maximum guide number of 40m at ISO 100.

Auto exposure is handled by Canon’s E-TTL II flash control algorithm. There’s also 10-stop manual adjustment available, down to as little as 1/1024 of full power. Three custom flash memories are provided that can be linked to camera C modes, while FE memory enables consistent exposure across multiple shots.

Other useful features include relatively compact size and light weight, at 287g. Canon is also promising a relatively quick 1.5sec recharge time, with power provided by four AA batteries.

The Canon Speedlite EL-10 is set to cost $249 / £329.99, and be available in the shops from July 2024.

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From Canon:

Introducing the Canon Speedlite EL-10

Canon Speedlite EL-10 front three quarter and back views
Canon Speedlite EL-10 front three quarter and back views. Credit: Canon/AP

Lightweight, compact, and affordable to help photographers get even more creative, Canon has introduced a new Speedlite to the EL range. With category-leading 1.5 second recharge time, the Speedlite EL-10 has seamless integration with features such as linked custom modes and remote flash control.

The shooting experience is now smoother and easier than ever thanks to the multifunction shoe interface that allows for enhanced communication. The linked custom shooting modes support changing scenarios such as moving from sunlight to shadow on an outdoor shoot, or when working with changing colour tones when shooting fashion. Settings can be changed remotely through the Camera Connect smartphone app, with the camera and Speedlite responding together. 

24-105mm of zoom coverage and a versatile power range help aspiring content creators to take control of their lighting and give images a professional gloss – whether that be maximising a glimmer in the eye of the subject or manipulating soft flash for a moody portrait. The Speedlite EL-10 is lightweight at 284g and powered by four AA batteries, making it perfect for everyday use. 

Through the versatility, flexibility and seamless functionality of both the RF 35mm F1.4L VCM and Speedlite EL-10, Canon continues to support content creators as they strive to push the boundaries of their creativity. Demonstrating a commitment to further expanding the professional RF lens range, Canon confirms it is developing additional L series zoom and prime lenses with iris rings and size uniformity that share the same hybrid stills/ video concept as the RF 35mm F1.4L VCM.