In the statement, Canon makes clear that it has been forced to halt production of some products owing to the impact of the earthquakes on companies that supply parts, and the effect on infrastructure.

However, the statement emphasises that there have been no serious injuries to Canon employees or their families, and no significant damage to the company’s building or facilities.

Canon adds that the current impact on the company’s business is ‘minimal’, though the future situation is still being assessed.

Canon statement in full:

We at Canon would like to extend our condolences to all those affected by the recent earthquakes in southern Japan and our thoughts are with those suffering in its aftermath.

Fortunately, there have been no serious injuries among Canon employees or their families in the region. None of the company’s buildings or facilities have incurred any significant damage and all Canon Group companies in the region are able to operate normally. However, production of some products has halted due to the impact on part supply companies and infrastructure. At the moment the impact to the business is minimal, the future situation is still being assessed.

To aid in the relief efforts for the earthquake victims, the Canon Group is making a donation of 10 million yen (approximately US$92,600) to the Japanese Red Cross Society.