[Photo credit: Jakki Moores from Canon]

Observer photographer Tom Jenkins had set the Canon EOS 5D Mark III to focus a few feet away from the goal, in order to capture action in the penalty area while he was elsewhere.

Arsenal player Santi Cazorla then suddenly picked it up and began taking self-portraits while celebrating Arsenal’s 4-0 victory over Aston Villa.

Though Cazorla was apparently not able to adjust the focus correctly, his teammate Aaron Ramsey seemed more adept.

Writing on The Guardian website, Jenkins explained: ‘Somehow, Ramsay produced a fine, in-focus shot: he either used the [focus] ring, found the right button or fluked it.’

The photographer added: ‘Afterwards, they walked off and left the camera, all £3,000 of it, lying in the middle of the pitch.

‘But as much as I’m not a fan of the selfie culture – and footballers don’t half love taking them – it definitely gives a unique perspective [of] the day.’

• The photo above was captured by Jakki Moores, Canon’s segment manager for Press. Jakki handles Canon’s relationships with photographers using its kit. Canon UK tweeted the news HERE