Image credit: Timo Lieber, ‘Dumont Dunes, Mojave Desert, USA’

British photographer Timo Lieber triumphed in a tight competition that saw 4,068 entries from 843 photographers in 57 countries.

Lieber’s image, which depicted a house standing in alone in Dumont Dunes in the Mojave Desert, USA, won in the Nature category as well as the overall Open Competition.

Part of an ongoing project in Claifornia, Lieber’s image was taken moments after a sandstorm routed a group of ‘dune riders’ – similar to snowboarding, but carried out on sand – who left a series of curved tracks in their wake.

Runner-up in the Open competition was Dimitry Mosieenko of Russia with an image of Barcelona taken from a helicopter, showing the city’s ‘block’ structure of streets.

Image credit: Dimitry Mosieenko, ‘Barcelona, Spain’

Various ‘special’ awards were also given out, including highest scoring gigipixel image (i.e. an image of more than 1 billion pixels), highest scoring image from a film capture and highest scoring spherical/360º image.

Prizes included Epson products such as the Stylus Pro 7900 printer and the EB-1775 Ultra-Slim Projector, as well as a total of $40,000 cash, $8000 of which went to the overall winner.

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