Movie star Brad Pitt has been photographed turning the tables on his picture-hungry fans, using a Lomo camera, in an image published in the Spanish edition of this week?s Hello magazine.

?Brad was appearing with his wife Angelina at Venice?s 64th Annual film festival,? explained a spokeswoman for The Lomographic Society, adding that the actor was pictured with a ‘Lomographic Fisheye 2’ model.

?He was there for a few days with wife and kids and this was taken as he arrived at the screening of his latest film: The Assassination of Jess James by the Coward Robert Ford.?

The Lomo spokeswoman told us: ?It is unknown if the camera was given to him by a fan or was his personal camera but it has not been given to him by The Lomographic Society International.?

The story and photo were published on a blog here.

Pitt is known to be fiercely protective of his family’s privacy and copyright in photographs they have taken.

Last year lawyers acting for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie threatened the media with legal action if they published images contained on a memory card stolen from the couple.

The digital storage card had reportedly been stolen from a digital camera used by the actors while they were enjoying a family party in Namibia.

LOMO NEWS UPDATE HERE 24 September 2007

Photo credit: Capital Pictures

Brad Pitt spotted with a Lomo camera