Nothing is more infuriating than running out of storage space, or even worse, losing a really important image as you can’t remember exactly where it got copied too. With many people finally getting around to sorting out their photo collections during the lockdown, it’s timely that storage specialists LaCie has announced two data storage systems for creative professionals and serious amateurs: the LaCie 1big Dock SSD Pro and LaCie 1big Dock.

The 1big Dock SSD Pro comes in 2Tb and 4Tb HDD capacities, while the 1big Dock offers 4Tb, 8Tb and 16Tb SSD storage. The 1big Dock also features “direct ingestion” of content from SD cards, CompactFlash cards, and USB devices. It connects to your workstation with a single cable eliminating the need for extra dongles or adapters.

The power management features are interesting, too. “The 1big Dock SSD Pro and 1big Dock can deliver up to 45W of power to a laptop or 30W when daisy-chaining compatible devices,” says the company. “The innovative Power Pass-Through feature offers even more charge for your laptop. Daisy-chain the laptop’s USB-C power cable to the 1big Dock and the laptop can receive up to 70W. This also frees up a much needed USB-C port on the computer.”

While mainly aimed at heavy-duty video editing types, both devices will also meet the needs of stills photographers who need to expand their storage options. With a standard five year warranty with Rescue Data Recovery Services and complimentary month of Adobe Creative Cloud (all apps), the LaCie 1big Dock SSD Pro will retail for £1,249.99 (2Tb) and £2,399.99 (4Tb) and the LaCie 1big Dock for £329.99 (4TB), £439.99 (8Tb), and £629.99 (16Tb). Both products will be available in July.