Big picture Greogory Crewdson at Photographers' Gallery

Gregory Crewdson/Courtesy Gagosian Gallery

Photography and cinema have often crossed paths when it comes to one influencing the other. Never has this been more apparent than in the work of American photographer Gregory Crewdson, whose work carries traces of Douglas Sirk, Steven Spielberg and David Lynch. Crewdson’s latest project, Cathedral of the Pines, is now on display at The Photographers’ Gallery in London. This is the first time the gallery has devoted all three of its spaces to one artist.

Each image features figures posing within the rural town of Becket, Massachusetts, and its vast surrounding forests. As ever, Crewdson’s images are full of tension and ambiguity. For anyone new to his output, this is a great opportunity to see his work, such as this one called ‘The Haircut’, taken in 2014.

The exhibition runs until 8 October.