Photographs documenting army life in Southern Iraq have gone on show at the National Army Museum in Chelsea, London until the end of August.

Captured by army photographer Corporal Anthony Boocock the exhibition illustrates the operations of the 20th Armoured Brigade.

Corporate Boocock, who belongs to the Royal Logistics Corps said: ?I was given the chance to shadow troops everywhere they went; from wet and swamp lands to the desert patrols at the Iran-Iraq border or sea ports and even into Kuwait. This is the kind of exclusive access the media rarely get.?

Commenting on the show an army spokesman said: ?Corporal Boocock?s images capture a landmark period of the British military involvement in Iraq. The Brigade supervised the handing over of two provinces to the Iraqis in concert with the launch of Operation SINBAD in Basra, a multi-agency operation to bring security in Basra and pave the way for Iraqi control.?

The spokesman added: ?The increasing complexities associated with the formation of a government of Iraq, and the perceived increase in danger to soldiers, re-ignited media interest during the Brigade?s seven month tenure in the south of the country.’

The exhibition takes place at the National Army Museum, Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4HT. It is open daily 10am-5.30pm. Tel 020 7881 2455.

Picture credit: Crown Copyright

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