A fan of Amateur Photographer (AP) got more reading than she bargained for when she discovered hundreds of old copies of the magazine, some dating back to 1896, languishing in an attic.

Charlotte Cook, who lives in the West Midlands, told us: ?Being a regular reader, imagine my surprise when helping my husband clean my mother-in-law?s attic: An old suitcase of magazines she was going to throw away turned out to be various editions of Amateur Photographer for the years 1908, 1901, 1900, 1899, 1898, 1987 and even 1896.?

The 35 year old says she was recently inspired to take up photography thanks to AP and can?t believe her good fortune.

Charlotte believes the vintage copies originally belonged to her husband?s paternal great great grandfather.

She added: ?I am so thrilled with the discovery that I feel like a kid in a sweet shop. I have skimmed through a few editions and they are fascinating. I want to look at them all but there are hundreds??