A quick-thinking AP reader beat press photographers at their own game when his pictures taken at the Open Championship golf tournament ended up splashed across three national newspapers.

David Rose from Worcestershire bagged a four-figure cash payout with shots taken using his Nikon D2X and 70-200mm lens on the final practice day of the tournament last week.

?Sitting in the stands I anticipated a photo opportunity from two big names ? Tiger Woods and Nick Faldo (who have a well-publicised feud) – shaking hands and making up,? said David, who is a hospital chief executive and has never before had pictures published in a national paper.

David?s timing was spot on. His exclusive pictures appeared the next morning in The Times, The Daily Mail and The Sun on 20 July ? the first day of the championship.

David was told afterwards that he had managed to scoop the tournament?s accredited press corps because they had apparently been enjoying a corporate hospitality event elsewhere – thereby missing the crucial moment on the course.

?I got a sequence of shots and knew that no-one else had it,? explained David. ?I phoned The Times and ended up selling the photos to the nationals from the car park, with two helpful pros emailing them to London newsdesks to help make it happen.?

Tiger Woods won this year?s Open Championship which took place at Royal Liverpool golf club, Hoylake.

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Picture credit: David Rose