AirSelfie, which is described as the first pocket-sized flying camera that integrates with smartphones, is due to arrive just three months after the campaign was launched.

The company had initially set a goal of $50,000, although it managed to reach this figure within two days. By the time the campaign closed, the company had raised $500,000 from backers in 81 countries.

The AirSelfie is equipped with a 5MP camera that’s capable of Full HD video recording at 30fps, and can be controlled up to 20m away from the user via an iOS or Android app.

The app allows three different flight modes and has the option to return to the user at the press of a button, while a selfie-delay function gives users ten seconds to position themselves so that their smartphone is out of the frame.

The device is designed with four propellers and a brushless motor, and sports an integrated 260mAh 7.4v battery that allows for a flight time of three minutes per charge. This battery is charged through a case designed for a number of popular smartphones, such as the iPhone 6, Samsung S7 Edge and Google Pixel, although it’s also possible to buy the device with a 12600mAh powerbank instead.


While the company has not disclosed specific information on image capture or image stabilisation, it claims that vibration-absorbing and in-flight-stability systems “guarantee stable, clear, flowing images”.

Weighing just 61g, the AiSelfie publishes its own 2.4G Wi-Fi network for connection and integrates with the user’s choice of social media platforms for ease of sharing. All images are saved to a built-in 4G microSD card.

Th AirSelfie is set to arrive in May although you can pre-order it now at