There is much more to photography than getting your hands on the latest cutting-edge mirrorless camera, and many photographers still prefer shooting with film or even using older digital gear.

If you are of a retro camera persuasion and keen to snaffle a bargain, or get an expert opinion on any gear you might be selling, it’s definitely worth going to the forthcoming Photographica 2024 vintage camera fair, which takes place in central London on Sunday May 19th.

Photographica 2024
Make sure you give your credit card a rest before heading to Photographica 20204

Now a very well-established event for vintage camera buyers and sellers, Photographica 2024 hosts lots of specialist stands from genuine, carefully selected exhibitors, selling quality gear at sensible prices.

You will find way more than the usual battered Zenits and venerable Japanese SLRs piled up at the show, and although you’re unlikely to unearth a vintage Leica going for a song, as you might do at a car boot sale, there is often some very rare and storied equipment up for grabs.

Lose yourself at Photographica

‘The last time I went to Photographica was before the pandemic, and I remember being transfixed by a beautifully decorated 19th century camera from Japan – probably one of the first cameras to be sold in that market, which only started to develop after 1870,’ notes Deputy Editor, Geoff Harris.

Photographica 2024 vintage cameas

It’s a good chance to get an older digital camera too – and a good time to buy, as some early compacts are now regarded as style icons, with prices going up accordingly.

‘There is a great deal of interest in film and retro cameras and we are expecting a great event – for the last year or so people have even been buying and using early digital cameras,’ notes publicity co-ordinator, Nigel Richards.

The show is open from 10-4pm, with a full day ticket costing a very reasonable £8. Full details are here.

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